Shoegaze Morning on KEXP

On Thursday, April 25th, The Morning Show on KEXP celebrated shoegaze with a four-hour set, closing with a live performance from Soft Science, in celebration of the 2019 Seagaze Music Fest, kicking off tonight and running through Sunday night at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery in Seattle.

If you missed a minute, or just want to hear it again, use our Two-Week Streaming Archive feature! [ Stream expires: 5/9/19 ] 

KEXP Celebrates Prince

Throughout the month of April, KEXP has been celebrating the life and work of Prince, who passed away on April 21, 2016. You can still listen to some of this original programming via KEXP's Two-Week Streaming Archive!

On Thursday, April 18th, Prince was the subject of our annual Six Degrees special, a twelve-hour block of programming weaving between Prince's many musical contributions and the wide circle of influence he has built throughout his storied career. Guest vocals, backing players, shared producers, and more: the connections between tracks are not pre-planned, and DJs and their teams think on their feet to come up with the next song, as they do daily on KEXP.  [Stream expires: 5/2/19]

Music Heals: Beyond Cancer

On Thursday, March 28th, KEXP presented Music Heals: Beyond Cancer, a day of programming dedicated to the power of music and the part it plays for those facing cancer. John Richards, Cheryl Waters, and Kevin Cole read stories shared with us by members of our community and featured songs that helped them through the healing process either emotionally or physically. While their shows are no longer available via the streaming archive, you can revisit them now now using KEXP Remixed (beta).

What is KEXP Remixed? Listen to brand new mixes created from KEXP's broadcast archive! By breaking our live broadcast back into the highly-curated 'sets' of music our DJs have created, we can 'Remix' these mini-playlists in new and interesting ways.


Midnight in a Perfect World
March Schedule:

Multi-genre program featuring eclectic sets by a rotating cast of international and local DJs, each building upon a party vibe to kick off your weekend. Check out the archives of previous exclusive mixes here, and check out the upcoming schedule below:

April 5th: Uji
April 12th: J.Lamotta
April 19th: Blueyedsoul
April 26th: Don Leisure (Darkhouse Family)


KEXP Running Powered Podcast

KEXP’s Morning Show host, John Richards, presents the KEXP Running Powered Podcast, a series of Music That Matters podcasts. Enjoy these training podcasts, featuring high-energy local and international artists with songs about running and songs that will motivate runners. Download now and allow KEXP’s resident runner to amplify your inspiration and soundtrack your next run.

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It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Breakdown


In celebration of its 30th anniversary, KEXP presented the latest in our series of album breakdowns on Thursday, June 21st, dissecting the classic platinum-selling Public Enemy record It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Over the course of 12 hours for this live radio event, the station played every discernable recording sampled on the album, along with exclusive interviews with Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D, the producer of the record Hank Shocklee of the Bomb SquadIshmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and Digable Planets, former KEXP DJ Larry Mizell, Jr., professor, writer, and historian Dr. Daudi Abe, and more. It’s a celebration of Public Enemy, only on KEXP, where Public Enemy really matters. 

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